Nick Lim Design

illuMask Website

The illuMask website was created to educate potential consumers on both the product and Light Therapy as a category.

The entire site required new photography and a re-platforming to connect with our e-commerce partner. A key focus of this site re-design was organizing and writing the information and copy to create easily digestible portions that encourages the viewer to continue to learn about such a new product.


Home Page

Integration of video, movement, and interaction throughout each page allowed for further engagement with the information and an opportunity to show more information within a smaller time frame.

The home page is our first level of information, giving broad information and off-ramps into more specific information a visitor would be interested in. 


Product Pages

From our SEO strategy, our product pages would often be linked to directly for those searching for specific skin treatments. With that, we would need the product pages to act similarly as the home page, introducing the visitor to the Light Therapy category as well as facilitate a direct sale.