Nick Lim Design

illuMask Packaging

Redesign of illuMask Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging Masks

Research and Design Process

The process of redesigning the package focused largely on what elements would give us credibility and trust with a potential consumer balanced with our regulatory and legal restrictions. As an FDA Cleared, Class 2 medical device, all changes to packaging needed to be well documented and all claims needed to be reviewed by our regulatory director to approve both the wording and implications of our communication.

Through a series of one-on-one sessions using post-its on our box, we we’re able to explore the implications of how we can arrange our messaging on the box and how a consumer would engage with it. The goal was to educate the consumer on Light Therapy, while simultaneously building our product and brand credibility and value.

The final design now focused on attracting attention and giving the product itself the spotlight, enticing a consumer to pick up the box at retail to learn more. Understanding the the Light Therapy category was still not fully understood, the back panel was utilized to give a background on the science supporting illuMask. A new, more natural and aspirational model image was used with an illustration explaining the science behind Light Therapy to build a context for both elements, connecting Light Therapy directly with the aspirations skin of the model. The sides of the box, which continued the color block from the front, gave the specific product features and the results from our clinical studies as well as the required content for legal and regulatory purposes.